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The defense of Chimay

QM Sergeant Tcmann reported: I reported for anti-tank duty shortly before dusk. Most of the action was northeast of town. I heard a little German small arms fire but mostly German armor coming in from the Couvin FB. Began pushing my 2-Pounder from the south army base and headed southeast. Met up with a CovertOps sqauddie in an A13 and proceeded east.

We heard most of the German tank audio about one and a half kilometers northeast of our position so we decided to head to the wooded area between us and the reported targets just after dark. CovertOps squaddie 'Firekast' engaged a Panzer 3-F on the way to the wooded area and had a confirmed kill on the 3-F. Once we settled inside the wooded area we had clear shots of the turn in the road east of Chimay. We quickly began dispatching enemy armor units and were met by another squaddie 'DenisD' in a Matilda tank.

I quickly engaged a Panzer 3-F at the southern turn and it was exploded after two rounds. Engaged another 3-F that was in the wooded area N of the road and quickly exploded that enemy unit as well. While moving to get a different view my squddie 'Firekast' destroyed a SdkFz-232 that had been some annoyance to the friendly units that were farther to our north and northwest.

After pushing to and settling into my next position a Panzer 4-D was spotted heading towards our wooded area. The 4-D had turned south before reaching the turn in the road but was still in the open and in view from the woods. Myself and 'Firekast' engaged the 4-D but he was lucky enough to get under the hill and most of our 40mm AT rounds were not penetrating the turret. The noise must have been deafening because the 4-D then turned and moved hastily east out of view. The tank commander in the 4-D then made an unwise decision and headed back towards us looking for targets where he quickly met a fiery death.

It was quiet after the 4-D and we waited for more German panzer audio. We didn't have to wait long. Within a few minutes another Panzer 3-F was headed west towards the turn in the road. We lost audio contact of the 3-F before he reached the turns but apparently he used his momentum to keep moving as I saw him go off-road at the turn still heading west. He made it to a berm where he was searching for targets inside the woods on the north side of the road. I engaged him at 1.2 kilometers and my first 3 shots were poorly aimed and short. My fourth shot however met the left side of the 3-F with deadly accuracy causing the Panzer to explode.

After waiting for for more targets it seemed that we had repelled the attack and we shortly RTB'd thereafter. In total I had 4 confirmed kills.
AAR Sortie Logbook

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Hall of fame

Most kills in a sortie
1. Lt Col Catfive FR Army Char 124 kills Feb 26 2229
2. Maj Vatoface FR Army Panhard 107 kills Feb 14 1745
3. Capt Purpose FR Army S35 72 kills Feb 12 2215
5. Lt Col Buxo FR Army H39 63 kills Feb 21 1525
6. Lt Col Doch FR Army Stuart 63 kills Feb 26 1625
7. Corp Guevara FR Army H39 60 kills Feb 14 1752
8. Lt Col Mclupo FR Army S35 59 kills Feb 12 1821
9. Lt Col Oc240 FR Army S35 56 kills Feb 22 1953

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Current Campaign - 62
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Utinni's War Diary

Friday 18th November 1940

Well they say war is hell, and I guess I found out the hard way.You will notice it has been some time since my last journal entry. You'd think I would have plenty of time to write journal entries from my hospital bed, but unfortunately time is something I have but the ability to write is not until now.I am writing to you from my bed that is true, but I have only just had enough strength in my arm to write.
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Allied Victories

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Campaign # Began Ended Lasted Victor
Campaign 61, Allied
Campaign 55 , 56 days Allied
Campaign 52 04/15/09 06/22/09 69 Days Allied
Campaign 49 11/01/08 12/05/08 34 Days Allied
Campaign 48 10/29/08 11/01/08 3 Days Allied
Campaign 47 10/03/08 10/27/08 24 Days Allied
Campaign 46 09/25/08 10/03/08 8 Days Allied
Campaign 43 02/22/08 04/09/08 48 Days Allied
Campaign 42 01/24/08 02/18/08 26 Days Allied
Campaign 40 11/02/07 11/12/07 10 Days Allied
Campaign 39 10/12/07 10/30/07 18 Days Allied
Campaign 38 09/06/07 10/09/07 33 Days Allied
Campaign 36 06/11/07 06/26/07 15 Days Allied
Campaign 32 09/01/06 11/07/06 67 Days Allied
Campaign 30 04/14/06 06/12/06 59 Days Allied
Campaign 28 02/20/06 03/12/06 28 Days Allied
Campaign 24 10/24/05 11/25/05 32 Days Allied
Campaign 21 06/25/05 07/14/05 21 Days Allied
Campaign 18 02/26/05 03/30/05 32 Days Allied
Campaign 15 09/26/04 10/26/04 30 Days Allied
Campaign 14 09/07/04 09/26/04 19 Days Allied
Campaign 9 01/31/04 03/28/04 57 Days Allied
Campaign 7 12/28/03 01/11/04 14 Days Allied
Campaign 3 09/14/03 10/08/03 24 Days Allied
Campaign 2 09/07/03 09/14/03 7 Days Allied
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05/11/03 07/05/03 55 Days Allied
03/31/03 04/24/03 24 Days Allied

After Action Reports

Jul 13 22:35 Revenge is a dish best served.... Capt B1sh0p (FR/AR)
Jul 10 06:31 Bell: 1 Bomb, 2 Tiggys aka o.O Sgt Maj Ocidean (FR/AF)
Jul 08 05:47 Assault on Vervier's FB Lt Shipers (UK/AR)
Jul 06 13:51 four 109s not bad Lnc Corp Greg1488 (UK/AF)
Jul 06 04:30 19 Squadron: Bergen op Zoom Co... Maj Mjdixon1 (UK/AF)
Jul 05 21:46 Verviers AAR Col Infinity (UK/AR)
Jul 04 01:19 Gerolstein AB Defence. Sgt Duthos (FR/AR)

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